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How do Microcurrents work?

Microcurrents work with low-level electric waves (between 1 and 1,000 micro-amps) to stimulate facial muscles and the skin's production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is stored cellular energy. When ATP is stimulated, it speeds up several cellular functions to promote the optimal regeneration and repair of cells and tissues. These functions include blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, collagen and elastin production and product penetration. Research has proven that microcurrent skin therapy is a non-invasive, corrective and preventive anti-aging treatment without the recovery and downtime of other esthetical procedures. It is not uncommon for clients to feel a slight tingling during microcurrent treatments but the results are visible almost immediately.

The 16-Minute Regimen to Younger, Firmer and More Radiant Looking Skin…

The Yolanda Aguilar 1-2-3-lift is an easy-to-follow 4-step treatment that can be done on a regular basis. Each step provides a specific benefit and when done together in sequence, the treatment offers a complete and convenient system to improve and refine the appearance of your skin's complexion.

Before beginning the treatment, it is important for the user to set the age and desired intensity cycle prior to usage. Start with low intensity, especially younger users (ages 25 to 35). Middle aged or older users (45 – 60 years old) should consider a medium or high intensity. During operation at each cycle, the unit should be moved in an up and down, outward motion directly on the face or other target area.
1-2-3 Lift - Rejuvenecimiento en casa

The Yolanda Aguilar 1-2-3-lift Home Rejuvenation System

Device Features:
• One-Touch Function Button with Four Modes and Auto Shut-Off
• Adjustable Intensity Level
• Adjustable User Age Level
• LCD Screen
• Infrared Indicator
• Titanium Ion Circulating Chip
• Hand- Activated Lateral Ion Chips

All Yolanda Aguilar 1-2-3-lift Systems include:
• One Yolanda Aguilar 1-2-3-lift Rejuvenation Device
• Device Charger Base
• 1 fl. oz YA Beauty The Liposome Anti-Oxidant Treatment
• 1 fl. oz YA Beauty Collagen C-Extra Treatment

Close up of Features on the
Yolanda Aguilar 1-2-3-lift


Operation Details

Before operating the Yolanda Aguilar 1-2-3-lift, please read all directions thoroughly and completely to achieve optimal results.
To turn the device on/off, press down the power button for a few seconds to ensure the unit activates or deactivates (face of unit will light up when activated). To activate microcurrents, user must firmly hold down both lateral ion chips located on each side of device with hand. If you lose contact with the lateral ion chips, re-adjust hold on the device and resume treatment as indicated. For smaller, thinner lines around the outer eye and eye socket areas, use device for shorter intervals.

This device is for use only as directed in this manual. Do not rub device hard against face as this can result in skin irritation. Do not use on eyes, mucous membrane areas or over broken capillaries or inflamed or open wounds. If irritation or any adverse reaction occurs, consult your doctor immediately. Pregnant women, people who have epileptic seizures, pacemakers, have undergone cosmetic surgery or metal transplant procedures should consult with their doctor before usage. Keep away from the reach of children.


1. The Clean Cycle
(Expels toxins in pores and increases lymphatic drainage through usage of positive ions, infrared light & vibration)
After thoroughly cleaning, washing and drying face, select desired age and intensity then the "Clean" mode on device to begin activation of this cycle. While holding down both lateral ion chips found on each side of device, gently begin to move the device on the face from top to bottom and from the center of the face outward. Once device automatically stops, wipe your face with a moist warm towel. (4 minutes)

2. The Massage Cycle
(Stimulates and accelerates skin's metabolism and muscles with positive & negative ions, infrared light & vibration)
Select the "Massage" mode on the device and follow the same operational procedures as during "Clean" cycle. While holding the unit the same way as in the "Clean" cycle, move the device on the face from top to bottom and from center to outsides until unit automatically stops. Wipe your face with a moist cool towel. (4 minutes)

3. The Nourish Cycle
(Imports nutrients deep into skin tissues through usage of negative ions, infrared light & vibration)
Apply Yolanda Aguilar's The Liposome Anti-Oxidant Treatment onto face to maximize penetration during this cycle. Select "Nourish" mode on device, using a similar pattern as in previous two cycles until the unit stops. There is no need to wipe your face after this cycle. (4 minutes)

4. The Lift Cycle
(Infuses and stimulates collagen production and elasticity with usage of positive & negative ions and infrared light)
Spray Yolanda Aguilar's Collagen C-Extra Treatment onto entire face. After, select "Lift" mode on device and gently massage your face using the above steps for proper treatment, focusing more heavily on wrinkled areas. (4 minutes)

NOTE: Initially, treatments should be performed twice a day for the first week in order to allow the skin to accommodate the treatments after each application. After the first week, use two to three times a week for best results.


With the device off, place unit in charger base and confirm indicator light is red. (If device has power on, the indicator light on the charger base will not be on). For initial use, allow about eight hours to fully charge unit. Indicator light will remain red although device is fully charged. The device should be completely discharged before sitting on charger base for recharging. Always unplug charger base when not in use.


• After each usage, thoroughly wipe clean device's top and lateral ion chips with clean, slightly damp cloth. This device is not waterproof. Do not operate device with wet hands nor soak or submerge in water at any time. During treatment, do not use device over an area where it can fall into water (tub, sink, toilet or shower).
• Do not use any chemical agents to clean device as this may damage to the body of the appliance and affect its functioning and effectiveness. Do not use near flammable materials.
• Do not disassemble, rebuild or repair the machine.



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